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"Helping our clients make a positive difference in lives one fundraiser auction at a time!"

Vaught Auctions offers a wide range of PROFESSIONAL SERVICES and years of APPLIED EXPERIENCE helping nonprofits EXCEED FUNDRAISING GOALS.



1. Pre-Event Consultation

  • Focuses upon forming a partnership with your Planning Committee early on in the planning process. Various fundraising activities for the event are reviewed, and an event-specific strategy is developed jointly with your Planning Committee.

  • Includes unlimited 24/7 phone/teleconference exchange and face-to-face meeting(s) at your office or the venue; surveying the event venue to make recommendations for floor plan, sound equipment, etc. to maximize the Live Auction; input/guidance to selection of Live Auction items; determining the order of the Live Auction; training volunteers the night of the event for the Live Auction; and other strategies to increase the event's bottom line. We have a vested interest in your fundraiser event and will do what it takes to help make it the best ever.

2. Conducting the Live Auction

  • Bid call the Live Auction, engaging attendees, providing entertainment, and elevating the energy, excitement, and enthusiasm of attendees to maximize the financial upside of the auction.

  • Conducting additional revenue generators in concert with the Live Auction (e.g., Heads or Tails Game, Paddles Up!, Golden Raffle, etc.) to greatly increase the event’s potential bottom line.

  • Make announcements during the event leading up to and after the Live Auction (as requested).

3. Professional Bid Assistants

  • The employment of Professional Bid Assistants is strongly recommend to provide an even higher level of energy, excitement, and entertainment to the Live Auction making the entire process even more results oriented leading to a greater bottom line.

  • Professional Bid Assistants as compared to Volunteer Bid Spotters have a vested interest in maximizing the Live Auction's financial results while conducting themselves as professionals at all times

  • Professional Bid Assistants work many fundraisers each year and have developed the professional skills necessary to maximize bidder participation in the Live Auction and its upside revenue potential.

3. Sound Equipment

  • Sound equipment adequate for up to 250 event attendees participating in the Live Auction.

  • Sound equipment for the Silent Auction area when outside of the main event venue for general announcements and introductions.